Pundi X wants to ensure that a giant leap is made in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency’s. “Buying Crypto should be as easy as buying water” is their motto. Pundi X wants to become the Walmart or 7-Eleven of the blockchains  by acting as the crypto payment medium. These sky-high ambitions are not taken out of the blue. With working products already in different stores, the team shows that they can just make these expectations come true.

How To Buy NPXS

So you’re interested in buying Pundi X? Currently, there is no way to buy NPXS directly with fiat, so the best way to buy NPXS is to first purchase Ethereum, transfer it to your chosen trading platform and change it to NPXS. We’ll show you how.

1. Firstly you will need to visit Binance and create your account.

2. Once your account has been created and confirmed, log into your Binance account. Once you have logged into the account, go to the menu, click on the funds section and then deposit on the drop down bar.

3. Once you’re on the Deposit section, click the drop down menu labeled “Select Deposit Coin” and look for Ethereum, or type ETH and select.

4. This is your Ethereum Deposit Address, we have chosen Ethereum instead of Bitcoin due to the lower fees and transfer times. Next we’re going to look at buying Ethereum and depositing it into your Binance account.

Buy Ethereum

To buy Ethereum, we’re going to use an exchange called CEX.io. Here you will be taken to the purchase page, where you can buy your Ethereum.

1. First change the Buy option from BTC to ETH for USD and then choose your amount.

2. When you have chosen the amount of Ethereum you want to purchase (A minimum of 0.05 ETH is required), you will need to register and confirm your CEX account and payment details.

Once that has been confirmed and the ETH has been deposited into your account, we will then need to move it over to Binance.

3. Select the Withdraw option at the top of the site and select Ethereum as your currency. You will then be given a field, where you will add a wallet. This is where you can transfer your money to Binance.

4. Go back to your Binance Account and copy the alpha numeric code under your Ethereum Deposit section and paste it into your Ethereum Withdrawal section on CEX.io. Confirm that this address is correct and press “Withdraw“.

Your Binance account will now be credited with Ethereum.

Purchasing NPXS

1. Now you’re back on your Binance account click the Exchange section and choose Basic. This is the Binance trading platform.

2. On the trading platform, select the ETH section and use the search function to search for NPXS/ETH and confirm.

3. On the NPXS/ETH trading section you can now choose how much NPXS you want to buy with your Ether. Once you have chosen your amount, press Buy NPXS and place your order.

Once your order has been fulfilled, your account will be credited. Congratulations you’re now the proud owner of Pundi X.

What is Pundi X?

The team behind Pundi X has the ambition to become the largest decentralized network of payment systems worldwide. Currently everyone is talking about crypto as the new money, but if we are very honest, we can hardly pay with it. Shop owners are not going to put a Bitcoin wallet on their company computer, so that you can transfer Bitcoins to it via your mobile app . Moreover, this can also take a few minutes to an hour before your Bitcoins have arrived on this wallet.

Pundi X is going to make sure that it will soon be a breeze to deal with your coffee with cryptocurrency’s. For this they have already developed various products. Watch the video below to immediately get a feel for what the project stands for.

700,000 working products

The team behind Pundi X has indicated that they will initially focus on Indonesia. With 250 million inhabitants, this country is the largest country in South-East Asia and perfect for testing their first products. This does not mean, however, that retailers from other countries can not use the product. During the ICO they promised that they will send 100,000 to 700,000 POS systems to at least twelve different countries over the next three years. Mass production has already started in February and the plan is to have sold 100,000 products to retailers around the world within twelve months. There are three products within which Pundi X primarily distinguishes itself:

The Pundi XPOS System
The Pundi X Wallet
The Pundi X Card Payment System, XPASS

The Pundi XPOS System

If you have seen the video above, you have already been able to form a picture of what the Pundi XPOS system is. In fact, it is a cash machine, as we are used to in shops, but with the possibility to pay with cryptocurrency’s. In addition, it is also possible to pay with traditional mobile wallets such as Alipay.

It is very attractive for shops to use the XPOS system (see image), because it allows their customers to pay in many different ways. In this way they attract at least a large group of crypto enthusiasts. However, this is not the only advantage to the XPOS system. Below is an overview of all the advantages for a retailer to use the Pundi XPOS System in their store: The Pundi XPOS system:

  • Ensures that retailers can accept cryptocurrency’s as a means of payment.
  • Provides support for Bitcoin , Ethereum , ERC20 tokens , Pundi X , NEM , Qtum , Achain , Stellar Lumens and more.
  • Provides support for payments from various crypto wallets, such as Qbao, X Wallet, NEM wallet, and more.
  • Provides support for loyalty / membership management systems.
  • Provides support for cryptocurrency payment cards, such as the Pundi XPASS card (more on this later).
  • Keeps track of all finances easily.
  • Gives the possibility to buy and sell crypto.
  • Offers support for all kinds of other mobile payment applications, such as Alipay, E2Pay, Go-Pay, Pundi-Pundi and WeChat Pay.
  • Provides easy access to other financial service providers.
  • Provides support for external logistics service providers.

The Pundi X Wallet

The number one goal of Pundi X is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to use crypto as money. They are aware that it is not convenient for us crypto investors that we have to download all kinds of wallets for all different cryptocurrency’s. They have therefore built a wallet on which you can keep different cryptocurrency’s side by side. You can also save your fiat here.

The Pundi X Card Payment System, XPASS

The crypto company also released a crypto payment card, the XPASS. This card can be used just like the mobile app for easy payment. What is particularly special about this is that before you check your coffee, for example, you can see how much the crypto coin is worth at the moment you want to pay with it. This way you can always pay with the crypto coin that brings the most value for that moment.

This is not the only benefit that this entails. The following sentence from Pundi X’s white paper summarizes this beautifully: ” Most cryptocurrency’s can only be used by buying other cryptocurrency’s, which means that its relevance for most people is zero .” It is therefore very interesting for other crypto projects to enter into a partnership with Pundi X, because it gives them the opportunity to be accepted as a means of payment independently of Bitcoin.

The Token of Pundi X: NPXS

The ICO of Pundi X took place on 21 January. This coincided with the first and last blow that the crypto market had to endure since the December rally. Nevertheless, the ICO was sold out within 90 seconds (!) And the hardcap of 35 million dollars was reached.

The token that was sold here is called NPXS. The token is based on Ethereum and therefore an ERC20 token. The value is mainly derived from the number of transactions that are done via the XPOS system. For every transaction, a small amount of NPXS is destroyed. Other reasons why users would like to have NPXS and why their value is increasing are:

  • It costs NPXS to get your coin on the XPOS system. Qtum, for example, had to pay a large sum of NPXS for this.
  • Loyalty programs (for example, saving points at stores to receive a 10% discount) are paid in NPXS.
  • Ads on the XPOS devices are paid in NPXS.
  • Future products are paid in NPXS.
  • And more.

The larger the ecosystem of Pundi X grows, the more demand there will be for the token.

Token Distribution

The tokens are distributed after the ICO as follows:

  • 66.67% is in the hands of the public.
  • 16.67% is owned by the founders.
  • 13.33% is managed by the company.
  • 3.33% goes to consultants and marketing.

Team, consultants and partners

“To me, ideas are worth nothing, they are just a multiplier, Execution is worth millions” – Steve Jobs

Here the quote about the team is always very important. An excellent team ensures an excellent execution. The Pundi X team consists of no fewer than 150 people. They indicate on their website that half of them focus on Research & Development. They have offices in Jakarta, London, Taipei, Shenzhen and Singapore. Almost all of the biggest names have one thing in common: they are programmers who have grown into a serial entrepreneur.

The only exception to this is the CEO himself, Zac Cheah. Apparently he is aware that he is missing this experience and that is why it is smart that he has surrounded himself with people who complement him in this. Below are the three most important names with their experience. You will also find a short film in which you can get to know Zac Cheah better.


Pundi X is on its way to bind as many (blockchain) companies as possible. Large crypto coins such as Stellar , NEM and Qtum already see the added value in the project and have entered into a partnership. They are certainly not the only ones in this. The image below shows which other major partners have already committed to Pundi X. This image does not even include all partnerships. For example, they have also entered into a partnership with Wanchain to become the payment network in their super financial markets. All these partnerships are very promising for the future of Pundi X.

Points of improvement

With such ambitious goals, it is very important for Pundi X that they continue to develop very quickly. At the moment they seem to be in control, but they just have to relax and they are being overtaken by other projects such as TenX and Monaco . The success of the project is highly dependent on the adoption of the product.

In addition, the founder is still fairly inexperienced in the world of crypto and as an entrepreneur. Although he largely resolves this by building a team that is more specialized in this, it remains to be seen whether this will not break the project.


Pundi X is a very promising project and in particular the speed of execution is impressive. They already had several working products before they launched the ICO. Moreover, they have great ambitions that they seem to work hard for. With a mentality like this, they could just manage to win a large market share in the area of ​​crypto payment systems. Moreover, they have already managed to bind very large partners. It gives confidence that leading projects see the added value in the use of Pundi X.

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